How to care for chromed auto parts

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How to care for chromed auto parts

The car with chrome elements is visible from afar, chrome is shining in the sun, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, giving the car presentable view.

chromed auto parts

However, unfortunately, without due care chrome elements very quickly lose their appearance.
How to care for chrome parts of the car?

Firstly, the chrome coating is easily scratched and turbid, losing its original luster. Therefore, in no case you should not be treated chrome applying abrasive paste.

Secondly, do not use aggressive substances for cleaning chrome-plated surfaces. The coating may become cloudy. Dirt should be removed by special cars cosmetic means that you can buy in any store.

Thirdly, in order to preserve the integrity of the coating in the winter it is necessary at least once a month to use a protective spray or paste based on oil. In warm seasons you can use the car wax, which not only will make chrome sparkle, but also to prevent moisture ingress in micro-cracks on the surface.