How to choose the navigator for the car?

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You just need to pay attention to the monitor, it should not be very small, as you will agree, it’s easier to read the information that is visible on the screen. It is important that there is anti-glare coating on the screen, and the navigation touch control, because it is much more convenient than push-button.


If we talk about the memory, then it should not be less than one gigabyte, or even more.
It is also important fixture, which must be reliable. The stores generally offer two types of navigators, navigators with two types of fastening, it is fixing it to the glass, it is universal, because the device can be removed, for example, in case of the sale of cars. And there is a navigator, built into the dashboard. This navigator is not inferior in quality, but you can’t take it with you.

At the expense of equipment, it depends on an amateur, because as the more features, so expensive the unit is.

Sometimes drivers, in order to save money, buy two in one device, it means a navigator and video recorder in one unit. It is better not to do this, because the quality of both devices is deteriorated.